Divorce Support PLUS provides specialized services to meet the needs of today’s couples, families and individuals experiencing distress in their relationships and in their personal lives. Don’t just cope or survive…create positive change & thrive!

With 43% of Canadian marriages ending in divorce, plus approximately 25% of Quebec couples living together (and separating!) Each year thousands of people (men, women & children) are affected by separation or divorce. Your family matters! Dr. Linda D. Brackin is dedicated to helping people prevent, maneuver through,

adjust to, heal from, and thrive after family or relationship difficulties plus Early Childhood & Family Life Educator, Human Relations (Honors), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Consultant, Satir and Family Therapy RELATIONSHIP COACH.

If you are separated or divorced, with children, and having trouble communicating with each other (after all, old habits are hard to break!) consider working with me to change the way you communicate with each other to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship which will totally change the entire dynamic for your whole family.

As someone who endured emotionally abusive marriage while having kids, I can appreciate everything that is going on in all damaged and disfunctional families and broken homes. Countless families are unfortunate to experience such feelings and situations but that is how life is.

I want to help other families who are experiencing separation or divorce as well as their young ones who need the support and help the most. With a bit of trust from both sides, I am positively confident that my family relationship and coach program of support could be very useful and helpful to all family members.