Welcome to Divorce Support Plus

Are you struggling with a family or relationship problem?

We are dedicated to helping people move through transitions and transformations. If you want to create positive changes in your life, you have come to the right place.

You don’t have to just survive or cope…

Divorce Support Plus specializes in helping people prevent or maneuver through, adjust to, heal from, and thrive after relationship difficulties.

What can I help with

I can help with creating a happy and successful relationship.

Couples coaching

Couples coaching is for young couples who are learning all about relationships. My program is more focused on their relations.

Parenting through separation and divorce

My program is mostly focused on parenting through separation and divorce. I think that the kids need help the most.

Pre-Marital preparation

Many people think that marriage is something that goes easy. Pre-Marital preparation program will prepare you for what’s to come.

My Books

The DivorceSmarts Leader’s Guide Package: (not yet available!)

Includes a detailed guide for working with groups of children who have gone through a traumatic experience of seeing their parents getting divorced. This book deals with children feeling like they have been left behind by their parents because of a divorce and what they are going through because of it. By getting together with other kids who have gone through the same trouble, they learn to cope with it.

What is DIVORCE like for kids? It can be like an earthquake with life altering aftershocks that continue for years! In the best interest of children…their thoughts, feelings, and behavior…now and in the future… You can provide prevention now, instead of intervention later by ordering the workbook based on the DivorceSmarts program.


Read all about it in my book and educate yourself how to get through a divorce with your children without any need for separation. It’s never too late to save your family and with a good advice, everything is possible. Your children need you the most at those desperate times and you are all they have when the worse comes.

To stay or to go?

Not sure if you want to stay or go?  I can help you decide.

If your final choice is to separate, I will help you and your partner through this life transition, and if you choose to stay we will begin to do the transformation work on yourself and your relationship so that you get to stay… differently!  

Young couple enjoying their summer vacation on beach

Stay If your partner :

Takes good care of you
Shows affection when you need it the most
Is not afraid to speak about anything
Opens to you and keeps being honest at all times
Speaks the truth even when it hurts to do so
Keeps no secret from you
Is passionate about you on each occasion
Express love every moment

Go if your partner:

Does not seem to care for you
Calls you names that are not suitable
Does not apologize for something they did wrong
Keeps undermining you in front of your friends
Thinks only about themselves
Never shows any affection
Refuses to spend enough time with you
Makes you feel uncomfortable
Makes you feel like you’re not wanted


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